Constraint Identification.
The process used by The CEO Project is based on focus at the point of constraint or on a major opportunity. These constraints drive the CEO application of time, the strategic engagement and the development of plans to grow the business. Sounds easy, but it is devilishly hard in practice given the demands on the time of today’s leaders.

Project Members focus their attention on three fundamental business factors:
    • The selection and ongoing refinement of superior business and profit models
    • The recruitment, development, and capability of critical talent
    • The design and constant refinement of robust, scalable processes

Constraint elimination.
The CEO Project Members identify current and potential obstacles and limitations to the rapid, profitable growth of their companies and remove those constraints by deploying personal and organizational resources in a thoughtful and strategic way.

Decision Making.
Structured peer interaction causes CEOs to challenge their assumptions and thinking to improve the quality of their decisions.

Speed is a competitive advantage. The CEO Project Members are able to process and apply the business insights gained through the sharing of best practices and experiences with other group Members more rapidly than the average CEO.

Project CEOs consistently exhibit exemplary behaviors in their approach to business:
    • Setting high expectations with accountability
    • Relentlessly focusing on a few, critical business objectives and ruthlessly eliminating distractions
    • Maintaining an ongoing quest for ideas from inside and outside their industries that can truly help them
       transform their businesses
    • Using tracking and reporting tools and group interaction to reinforce this approach