Groups meet for 1-1/2 to 2 business days each quarter, rotating among member locations. Participation in the peer group process helps ensure that CEOs identify and focus on only those things that are most critical to their business performance. A highly accomplished Advisor facilitates a small group in a disciplined peer review.

Using the Business InSight™ tool—a “balanced scorecard” used to monitor and report progress in each group meeting—Members present their quarterly updates. This holds each of these high-performing Members accountable to the team and to their ongoing improvement.

The CEO prepares a Decision Blueprint™ for presentation to the group in each meeting, offering a consistent format that ensures optimal feedback from peer Members in a highly efficient manner.

When a CEO needs to dive deeply into the execution of a particular strategic initiative—typically representing a multi-million dollar impact for the Member’s organization—the CEO works with the Advisor to create a Goal Map™ that details a plan to capitalize on the business opportunity.  This unique system of project planning is constraint- rather than milestone-based.

All quarterly group meetings feature the sharing of best practices—business topics common to each CEO, findings from the CEO Project at large, or other valuable content from outside sources that is relevant to group member objectives.

The advice received during group meetings is frequently innovative, always practical, and immediately actionable as the Members are running businesses themselves.